Celebrating Women's Contributions to Fairfax County, VA: A Reflection on 100 Years of Progress

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which granted women the right to vote. It is an important time to reflect on all that women have achieved in our country and to celebrate their invaluable contributions to society. Fairfax County, VA is home to a wealth of sites and stories that honor the incredible contributions of women to the United States. We invite you to explore the many sites in the region that tell their story and gain a new appreciation for their accomplishments.

Plan your visit today and come experience it for yourself!The Fairfax County Women's Commission was established in 1971 and advises the Board of Supervisors on ways to promote full equality for women and girls in Fairfax County. Barbara Naef, one of the Commission's most dedicated volunteers, continues to inspire new generations of women in the Parks Authority and in the fields of history and historic preservation. Ann Pamela Cunningham is a name that deserves recognition. She was the founder of the Mount Vernon Women's Association, responsible for saving George Washington's historic home and was one of the first preservation organizations in the United States. Ellanor Campbell Lawrence was another remarkable woman who made a lasting impact on Fairfax County.

In 1935, she was driving through Fairfax County with a friend when she spotted Walney's stone farm in the surrounding woods. Norma Hoffman was one of the most remarkable volunteers in the history of Fairfax County Parks Authority. The monument located at Occoquan Regional Park tells her story and that of other brave women who fought for equal rights. After his death in 1969, David Lawrence donated 639.84 acres of land and historic buildings to Fairfax County Parks Authority. This document, found on a wall and likely used as insulation, offers a unique insight into the history of women's suffrage in Fairfax County just a few months after America entered World War I.For more than 40 years, Barbara Naef has worked tirelessly to explore, preserve, and share Fairfax County's history and its parks.

We invite you to join us in celebrating these incredible women who have made such an impact on our county.