Promoting Equality and Inclusion in Fairfax County, VA: Women's Organizations at the Forefront

The Fairfax County Women's Commission (CFW) has been a powerful advocate for women's rights since 1971. Working with the Board of Supervisors, the Commission strives to eliminate violence against women, honor the women and girls of Fairfax County, and ensure educational and workplace progress. The CFW is part of a national network of state and local commissions for women and is supported by organizations such as the Alexandria Women's Commission, the Arlington Commission on the Status of Women, the City of Fairfax Women's Commission, the District of Columbia Women's Commission, and the Loudoun Women's and Girls Coalition. Fairfax County is fortunate to have the resources and technological experience to address issues that many other cities and counties in Virginia do not have. For instance, the Diversion First campaign has been successful in helping more than one person a day find better treatment options in the community instead of jail.

The Virginia League of Women Voters publishes action alerts for League members to take timely action on important electoral, human rights, and human services issues. The Fairfax Area League of Women Voters encourages people to take action on these issues and suggests that Fairfax County supports additional items that are not currently included in the Legislative Program. The Fairfax Area League of Women Voters also promotes Fairfax County Public Library initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion, social and racial justice, and highlighting authors from underserved populations. Turning Point Plaza in Occoquan Regional Park was named after a turning point in the suffrage movement to obtain the right to vote for women in the United States and the incarceration of more than 100 women at the Occoquan Workhouse in Lorton.

The Fairfax Area League of Women Voters also supports the Registrar General and Board of Elections in their efforts to ensure voter rolls are accurate. They have confirmed that only a small number of voters voted in the wrong districts in Fairfax County, which did not affect election results. The Fairfax County Women's Commission (CFW) is an invaluable asset for promoting diversity and inclusion in Fairfax County. Through their work with local organizations, they are helping to create a more equitable society for all.

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