Advocating for Women's Rights in Fairfax County, VA

Fairfax County, Virginia is a hub of organizations that are devoted to advocating for women's rights. Doorways for Women and Families is one such organization that provides comprehensive services to individuals and families living at home. Their mission is to promote equality, education, and an end to child marriage and gender-based violence. To this end, they fund scholarships at Northern Virginia Community College and the George Mason University Graduate School, as well as the Fairfax County Domestic Violence Action Shelter (DVAC) food pantry.

The Fairfax Area League of Women Voters is another organization that works to support and promote initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion, social and racial justice, and highlighting authors from underserved populations. They also advocate for programs that adequately address the needs of women in Fairfax City. On International Women's Day, the Fairfax Working Group for CEDAW received a resolution in support of women's rights from the county. The Fairfax Area League of Women Voters also thanked the Fairfax delegation to the General Assembly for their historic legislative session and leadership during the pandemic.

They also assured citizens that the number of voters who voted in the wrong districts is extremely small in Fairfax County and did not affect election results. In addition to local initiatives, monetary contributions are made to Zonta International, which provides services through projects of the United Nations for Women and other international organizations. The city of Fairfax also recognizes individuals who have made a difference in advocating for women's rights. Leslie Pfeifer, owner of The Quilt Patch, was presented with a proclamation praising her for her long career as a member of the Fairfax business community and expressing the city's gratitude for her dedication to supporting women and their families and for her generous contributions to those in need in the community. Fairfax County is fortunate to have the resources and technological experience to address problems related to women's rights; this is not the case with many other cities and counties in Virginia. Those who wish to get involved can contact their 24-hour hotline at 703-746-4911.